May I say, that in the shortest period of my trial teaching grown-ups (by that I mean students older than preschoolers), I would say I had the great time. I felt the interest and saw the willingness to discover something that I can offer, different perhaps to what they’ve “traditionally” live by. But sad to say, much to my regret, staying any longer is not quite inevitable from what has been situated. Useless for interpolation of whatsoever. What I will jeopardize should I choose to progress, is the one thing why parents ( a parent ) work hard. For the benefit of their kids & family.

What good will my work do, If the latter and the most important part of a woman’s being is neglected? There is more to family than work. Esp. If the work isn’t bringing out the best in you.

Although, How I wish it has turned well so I may pursue. But it is the opposite.

Please remember that, education is not just about accomplishing a level for the purpose of complying. It is above all ABOUT LEARNING & beyond. If it is not being provided by those responsible, YOU can. Study, resource more of what you can understand and regurgitate so you won’t forget. Obviously, those with degrees in teaching failed to do so. It ended upon receiving their diplomas. But yours shouldn’t end with theirs. Go extra mile. You have the means. Do not waste.

Regret is such a “lonelier” word than honesty after all.


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