{May 1, 2015}   Makeup Your Way To A Good Night’s Sleep

Beauty High

Getty Images / Paul Bradbury Getty Images / Paul Bradbury

Nobody really PLANS to stay out until 2am on a school night, or the day before an important job interview, or any such momentous event that requires your alert presence possibly very early in the AM. Sometimes the party is just too good. Sometimes you’re just up late getting work done. You only ever really feel the punishment when your alarm clock mercilessly screeches you out of deep REM sleep. If what you see in the mirror when you shuffle your way to the bathroom is less than desirable and more than a little puffy, don’t worry—you have makeup on your side. Oh, and us.

Embrace The Chill. You’re not going to like this since it’ll likely feel like the ice bucket challenge. Washing your face with cool/cold water and applying cold products to your skin is your first line of defense for under-slept puffery. If you’re one…

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