{October 12, 2013}   Oh Parlor! The home of vanity and sanity….

Feels to be good walking out of the parlor for the second time. Light- headed for the new haircut, painted nails and great massage by the massage chair – amazing stress- relieving seat! Not to mention a bonding time ( aside for the yoga – she said is “our thing”) with my pretty daughter.
{In psychology, each time spent alone with each child is a healthy process for their development of feeling the love, seeing uniqueness among each one of them – which we intend to keep as long as we can. Each has special ” our thing” no matter what age they are opinion now}.

The parlor is a new sight to look at, I mean sight, a look , a refreshing look at each angle of what I see most of my every days. But anyway, moving on with the chic of being in the parlor more so, stepping out of it being relieved by the stress and getting ready for what’s to come😊.
I have lost track of the last time ( I mean, before the last month’s very first step after those long…….. years) I had this “indulgent for vanity”. Our second time actually, and I intend to allocate a budget for this to be able to maintain again, the one of the most things I should never have neglected when I was forgotten by those…… Past. It made me think again, serious enough, to consider to finally close the ugly pages of why I feel all the self pity I have constantly feeding my confidence, while ” they ” feast” in each fall I take. I may have said it a lot of times, to become resilient , but failed to do so. It is a MUST now, to let each opportunity passed me by again.

Funny what getting in the parlor makes me realize a lot of stuffs going inside of me. Helps me remember who I was, who I am, and who I am not suppose to be. Everyone has a fall, but the thought of not letting that fall amuse those people who pushed me and just look at how deep I have fallen. I have come over that pit, and have stood holding my head up high again, seeing once again, how good I am. Yeah, I am good. Great actually! Feels good too to acknowledge it. Again.

Oh parlor! The home of vanity and sanity. My mirror. Yes, I have seen it again. And then there was light!


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