{October 11, 2013}   A Week’s Break

One week.Finally. One of the “breaks” I have been waiting for each year. A break from all the stress, mostly brought about by the ..guess what? "school stuffs" of my kids. Why? Well, let me say that, it needs more than a hands-on mom to battle the “amazingness” of the community they are in. Not clear? okay, perhaps, I can put it like this: Sources of learning needs to be credible, reliable, respectable, competent, "grammatically good”. See now why a week’s break is helpful for a parent like me? and I’m sure I speak for those who gets by with a deep sigh and waits for the school year to be over, or perhaps, for their kids, our kids to graduate and we are o.u.t. Frankly speaking, the decision to remain is pathetic indeed that is “of no choice” since the rest of the choices sucks, more migraine-causing pools of buffoons, mostly with arrogance, mind you! So-to-speak, suck it up! Though there are some who is worth the respect and can be tagged as “educators”, that needs just one hand (& not all fingers will be needed ..huh..) to count them. So, I guess, they keep me on-board and hoping and praying, the rest would come into their senses and realise they should deliver what is expected of them. Less of disappointments, for once and efficient for always. I cannot help but believe that : we just happen to be in a wrong place, wrong time. That’s too bad, I know…. too sad….


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