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This is so great if given a try and be used eventually as part of everyday method of teaching, than using the traditional, boring and effortless clerical work-clearly not teaching! Poor students! Lucky for those whose teachers are tremendously adaptive to whatever is new and found effective -even just giving a try than shun the idea just because….L-A-Z-Y ( a living witness that they exist! )
Bloom’s Taxonomy is great than K-PUP (say what?!) (but so they say it is) non-evident, teachers needs training and the experience to try this. Not pretend they know enough by one-time sitting from a meeting. Facilitation of the “experienced ones” are primarily needed in order to guide these beginners, not some “know-how” superior who, also needs a LOT to learn in the world of “education-learning” per-se.
Though we have been teachers for 10, 15 years, doesn’t mean we are wiser and not be open with new methods on how to improve our teaching skills and how to be able to make students learn— really learn. Arrogance…leave it out of the system! Please!!!


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