{September 3, 2013}   love my bfast today

Lovely day! Love my bfast today: (pretty much like this actually everyday but it’s funny that I failed to appreciated it until today) bread with jam, scrambled egg w/ parsley and cherry tomatoes, my fav.ham, fresh berries for desert and a hot mug of coffee.

It was just like yesterday that I was yanking and complaining and wallowing. I have forgotten a lot bec. of the long-time bitterness I have been having inside that for no reason, I can’t seem to let go and forgive. Takes time to accept. Soon maybe or longer …. But for now, I am thankful with all my heart for all my blessing.

For today, I am thankful. Just counting my blessing.

Keeping faith and above all—>

all fingers crossed ….at all times.

C’est la vie!


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