{August 17, 2013}   Learning indeed is a continuous process…..

Older does not necessary means smarter. Meaning, no matter how old one could be, how long time had one spent mastering his craft, it is not an assurance of being above others. Because learning does not end in a so-called “mastered craft”, but it goes on and on, as time goes day by day, as change, they say, is the only constant and inevitable fact in this world. One should not be stagnant because for example, she or he is done his studies and have graduated. Or may have held a high position in an institution/ organization. Nope. Doesn’t end there, does it? It should need a follow up, a hands-on, to put into work, because only through actual application in life, that learning becomes evidently viable and justifiable. Otherwise, what you’ve spent your whole life along with sleepless nights and other sacrifices will just be a stacked knowledge, trapped needless to frame nor to be laminated because it has actually evolved. Rather, grow. Grow and continuously justify what reason you believe in, mantra you’ve trusted yourself effective and existing, goal that needs a step higher, never settling for just good, but striving to discover what else, how else, can oneself be better, beyond mediocrity.

What one believe to hold as true before, may not be the same fact as now or tomorrow. Update oneself is the key to remain productive mentally and the rest will follow. What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve.
I used to think that because I have been teaching successfully for 15 years, need not have any new method to apply or even try or consider,nor have someone to mentor me. I was completely wrong. But because I kept an open mind perspective on things, I submitted myself to the knowledge which I thought I already have. Neither did I realize that there was more, so much more I do not know. Imagine?
That served me a lesson to always look out for ideas and always bear in mind that learning is indeed a continuous process. It is only in that way, one may and will grow and discover endless possibilities that one can never thought possible at all.

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