{July 31, 2013}   Link from Twitter

I do not know what or where or why do they ever believe that their cuisine along with the rancid,fetid odor, is acceptable to every human being.it is unbearable!absurd! Indeed, one can choose a house to live in,but not the neighbors! Gush! Of all the culture in this world,why these stinky creatures?!even the exhaust fans in their own place probably collapse which is why the abominable fume really goes to the entire space it could suffocate! If only moving out again is that easy, that simple,with human beings equipped with brains to know how to load & unload furnitures & stuffs, boy! We’ll be out in a jiffy,the minute we’ve learned that the new neighbors were from zoo! Wwwwwhhhhyyyy. TTThhheeesssseeeee?!?!?!?!


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