{May 30, 2013}   Insensitivity


I wonder how does “this” is being developed? Does it come with age, too comfort that you tend to be complacent about the feelings of people primarily of those that surrounds you, that you neglect to reciprocate care, appreciation and even once in a while, just even for once – put your shoes unto someone else’s – so you’ll not only feel but moreover, see right through that being, beyond words like ” i’m okay” – Is it so? Or might have said so as a way to wake your dying senses that you may have forgotten to notice the signs being flashed before you for, let say…. for years???? How about “I’m fine” had one clueless of what sarcasm is? Never had a clue of whatsoever, that it may mean the opposite? indirect connotation of a point? etc.etc. –>> sar-ca-sm! If not so for that matter, then a smile has no use after all.
One might say ” so then, say it out loud!” You sure? Because, having you matter base on schedule (meaning when not working, had enough of the too much long sleep hours that aging people don’t need anymore) won’t make you feel an everyday part but “part-time part”, while on the other hand, the latter, takes part of all that part! Whew! Partly exhausting huh!

I thought as one gets older, one gets to master even a bit of senses being exercised for decades of existence, or no wait…. for decades of co-existing with an existence.
But I guess, sensitivity only would mean the physical senses in man. Soft is soft, black is black, chanel #5 is fragrant (and I swear it is!😍) , ice cream is cold and there it stops. Beyond any of those, is a period. None would an “in-between the lines” nor “behind” , all the more… what’s not been spoken!

If sensitivity is not conditioned, acquired nor learned then perhaps situations like solitary, how about abandonment, jetting off, leaving … Would be a possible jolt? Such sadist! so it seems!
One should experience pain of being ditched, to be diligent or be creative, resourceful perhaps(?) to get out of comfort zone? Once maybe taken as okay, but twice, thrice??? Just what adjective in any dictionary would ever match such anesthetized existence? Exhausting enough that it deserves Extinguishing.

Bottom line, it maybe learned through pain. And one will succumb to that, as finding one-self in such solitude…. Not only self-torture but such a hard lesson learned and charged to experience, while nothing is left to compensate all stupidities claimed a.k.a. short-comings. Sensitive now indeed, but useless. It has made the co-existent respond by giving in return, a dose of its own medicine- >>> Right Back at Ya!

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