{May 26, 2013}   Walking Down the Memory Lane

At last my husband’s day-off after day by day aircraft mandates and some flights. After our family dinner, we took our tea time while kids’ and him went back playing the “word chum” and I played the 80’s where we laughed reminiscing how each songs has known steps and still remembered being a dance troupe member all my high-school and college life. Then went to 90’s. since tired (hehe) groovin’ and laughing, we sat and played again, until our eyes set on the pictures on our wall. I call it “times of our lives” wall. I am not fond of any other displays in our house with paintings or any sorts of ornaments than pictures of our kids that I have filled the living room wall with (each on uniformed wooden frames- that I buy and stock whenever we go to Ikea) some were placed down and placed in a photo album, to be able to accommodate new,momentous, timeline of our lives esp.thekids’. We went down the crazy avenue when they were babies, how each of them really drove us (me especially!) crazy but very very happy. How their dad spoiled them (at times, so he says every time.. .Let it be). Come to think of it, we may not have much of much, but just enough. Simple life,though once in a while, at times…. well….. Indulge to something as a self- reward not just us but with our kids as well, when they deserve it. What I mean by this is that, life’s journey by itself, seeing our kids from cutie helpless tots to grown-ups ” I can do this mom….” Kids. It makes my heart weep thinking soon enough, like a blink of an eye, they’ll be on their own, finding their place under the sun. Just like what my mom said, “love & life story started as two, end as two”. I get what she meant. As my husband and I started, just the two of us, we will grow old and be done with all our undertakings by just the two of us again and the rest->the fruits of what we planted, embraced by happy and hopefully well-accomplished task in life. By those vivid back-tracks , all the hurdles, tears, anger, disappointment, exasperations we all have surpassed that have led with happy, giggling, joyful times we all have shared that made us stronger today as a family. A treasure literally or figuratively I /we would like to have or we have been saving for all along. Can’t buy those memories, nor can’t go back and have a feel of it. Those were custom-made according to how we chose and will be choosing the life we had , have and will have. The “we had” or”we could have had” were just sighs… At times wishful thinking but of no use to hold on, but a lesson to prepare us for the tomorrow’s. As they say ” charge to experience”. No life is perfect but what is good to have is the drive to be and better at life for as long as we live.

Times of our lives….our treasures.


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