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My bestfriend, cybervie888 ,Amore (as we call each other), twitted:

[@cybervie888 nice article you’ve shared amore. I agree, as everything is a matter of choice – depends on what kind of life we are in. some may want to buy “healthy, low-fat, non-fat,low -sodium, parabens free, organic and so on and so forth, but primary “budget” hinders the desire to do so, ending up with what is cheaper–mostly quality & content compromised, residue or rejects etc. “time constraint” is the secondary issue -a busy parent schedule leads to dine out, order in, delivery from fast food chains. No wonder, most kids dislike broccoli as it is cooked the way no child would want it nor get used to it as their taste buds are conditioned by the prominent taste of burger meats, drowned with who knows what oil or additives make it so sumptuous it could stop a whining child from bugging; Tertiary reason-” Way of life”- that is what it is too. Choices, choices….]


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