{May 24, 2013}   @Daily_Proverbs: Don’t speak to a fool, for he will despise the insight of your words. ~Proverbs 23:9 HCSB #wisdom http://t.co/q7U5Rw194O

@Daily_Proverbs: Don’t speak to a fool, for he will despise the insight of your words. ~Proverbs 23:9 HCSB #wisdom http://t.co/q7U5Rw194O

Timely words of wisdom today. Not that I am religious, nor atheist, just that seldom do I agree with ideas presented, introduced or shared. But once substantial, appreciation is over-rated.

I am aware of this advise. I have always limit myself to get close,closer the most. I have few “friends” but they are those that defines “actions the loudest than words”. I do not even need my other hand to count those friends I keep for life 😎. I have known to segregate friends from acquaintances.
[Tough at first because the latter, put up a mask close enough to what it try to portray that you won’t know the difference until you are stabbed at the back or dropped like a hot potato and worst ignored after a favor has been given. Tough to deter because of the Patronizing Degree (makes you feel good right?) of which they topped the licensure exam].

Another tag for them ” friends with benefits ” and “User-friendly” (nope, not the same with your gadgets). I have learned it the hard way, but as soon as I realized that after all, they were “blessings in disguise” (gotta believe on something good can come out of something bad! Whoop….😑). That after the disaster, even a peak of a rainbow….

Through time, I get to Know one when you See one. Not that I am suggesting paranoia, no. It is just they are everywhere, everyday. Life in reality. I always treat people with cordial as part of social ethics. But having to converse more than that, time is of the essence. I limit communication to acquaintances. I allow time to reveal the reason. Whew! Deeper to explain as I thought it would be. As I try not to judge so I won’t be, I just keep my distance and do not go further than that meeting. You get what I mean right? I am not a self- righteous person, but as they say, experiences taught us many ways we never expected seething in the very heart of our being. Become bittersweet on some issues, become tougher, firmer, more realistic than idealistic goal-getter– what life has put you up with and gotten through. Therefore, “Vulnerability-proofing”. So shield, I shield.

Good people/ “friends” (not acquaintances) surrounding me, allow me to breathe in and out, enamoring me to a strength I may have never thought I have. With this, I am so grateful. We may have not physically post ourselves to a regular bonding time- have coffee or shop together BUT in times a “kryptonite” appears or uncovers, they are faster than a speeding bullet via sms, personal tweets, calls….hehe….only If physically insuperable 🙅.

Above all, not only do they appreciate the insight of your words, more so, the insight of your soul.✨


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