{May 17, 2013}   A Gift of a lifetime not just on Mother’s Day….” it’s more than words ”….

A gift for a day’s occasion is highly appreciated, why not? Who would not want something given to you to show they have remembered you, or have saved some amount of money just to buy some flowers or a simple token for that certain occasion. That would be matched by a very artistic posters, effortfully done. And the dance number… medley of the “K-Pop” beat…it’s a Whoa! I must say! thumbs up!!!

But those preparations, though highly highly appreciated, should be just the simple, one fervent wish in each passing day of our lives….

Just to remember…. Best effort, best love, better person everyday… No material things really…. Seriously…. All that matters to me..is seeing you all grow well founded, of values as you get to be “someone” not just “somebody”. What do you say to a lifetime gift? Indeed, everyday is just mother’s day in that case after all huh?! 😉


Love you my forever babies… from the moon & back…

Thank you….



My love,  thank you for your thoughtfulness….. it’s more than words indeed…..

Love you always…




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