{May 16, 2013}   We are “word chums”

This, I must say, is another good side of technology. Not only does technology caters advancement, convenience but also, enhancement in facilitating learning, at the same time having the fun in it, in any given time, being shared with friends but above all, the whole family.

It has been a month I guess, since we started playing this educational, fun word game brought about by the amazing iPad and iPhone. it’s the Word Chum. AppGratis had it for a day free download. From the description and picture, it is the same as our favorite scrabble board game. This has cutie icons, colorful and really cool to engage with either one versus the “Chumbot” or the computer player or invite online players or simply anyone among the members of the family. Which is what we have been spending time with ( during a leisure hours). We played at times, individually ( until four players only) or by teams ( two teams in all). What’s cool too, is that while one plays let say with us, he can still engage in another game vs another player ( the chumbot or another enthusiast). Swiping to the left or right gives a player the easy access with all the games that he has been engaging to. This is just one of the great part of technology. Not to mention the much appreciation & inclination now for reading books from ibook or ebook et al.

My husband and I are happy to share this fun & learning times with our kids. A game like this, interactive and educational is always a thumbs-up to us that we take part playing with it.
We do not just play the Wordchum….we became each other’s “word chums” after all! 👍20130518-151619.jpg


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