{February 7, 2013}   Medical concerns: leave up to Private Sectors or Government?

In my country, for years of existence, I’d probably go with the private sectors whom I will entrust my health needs. Expensive, yes. But that’s the price I have to pay since the government doesn’t care much about it, but only during the period of the election & while on a campaign. I’d say, I’ve given up hoping that best things in life are free. 😉 the truth, way expensive though exclusive. That is why I am still alive, healthy (& so with my family). A long and winding road. Whose government does the heroic act to fight for his countrymen’s privelege? There might be some, I know, lucky people, but for the majority whose in a never ending claims for medical attention as benefit? Give it up. For all we know, even “them” gave up, they just won’t admit ofcourse. So if you choose life, go for the private.


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