{February 5, 2013}   Suddenly, I lost enthusiasm… I feel ….

Nothing is ever enough however how much you try to do all for them. I guess probably because as the reality is clear- nothing is perfect, however, I believe in achieveing each in excellence. And yet you find a moment when you stop and reflect, that the people you have worked your best effort for, didn’t seemed to take it as, as what it should be. Not enough. Would you sigh and say, “ohwell, that’s all I ‘ve got, or that’s the best I can do”??? At one point, yeah, I had that immediate response probably a sour-graping as I protect myself from hurting and realizing maybe, I could have done some more. BUT WAIT. Am I the type of person who lives to do anything by the law, by steps with distinction? That’s the point. Inspite of, still not good enough. But hey, I am a grown up, a parent.
I can handle that. Don’t get me wrong. Maybe just venting out. 🙂 but again, I am A-OK.

This is the one moment that I should be reminded of the famous saying:
“You cannot please everybody”.


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