{February 5, 2013}   Daily Prompt: Call me maybe? ….. nah… please, text only

My cellphone. A life saver of anyone and everyone. Yes, it is my lifeline. I get in touch with my kids, my husband , the people I need to get an answer from or even make  inquiry about. It is a blessing esp. in times of emergency. I freak out when for example, my kids are supposed to be home from school and they aren’t yet. A call to let me know how they are is comforting. So as with my husband. But for the usual casual day, I mostly prefer being texted, IM,  rather than “the calls”.  I hate being called for   inquiry when it could be simply done through sending an SMS. Short, brief, direct to the point.  In texting, one question, one answer. No “blahs” of how are you’s,  by the way’s that will lead to long, longer.. bothering, conversation. Though, yes, sometimes I like it, esp.  with a friend who has been unheard of for some time, BUT then again,  given the opportunity to have that conversation, would I opt to call that friend instead of working or doing other more important task?  I don’t think so. How are you’s etc etc, unnecessary calls makes my cellphone a nuisance.  Conversations like that  are done  on a latter time or “whenever” I am free.   For me, cellphones are for necessities,  convenience and peace of mind primarily of things concerning the family.   It should not disturb or disrespect the privacy or rest time of anyone, like calling at the wee hours for a question that was  suddenly remembered or has  popped out  of one’s mind. Gush!  UNLESS, as I’ve said, family emergencies—> always an exemption.

Once in a while checking of emails, tweets, blogs are the “ added”  or bonus benefits of  having one.  We should not include those “checkings”  maybe when we eat, when talking to someone personally, in classes, in theaters and other places and occasions that require  solemnity or silence.  Common sense to know when to turn it off or use the silent mode needless to say.

Above all, I am sure, it is treated as a   blessing if we use it properly. On the other hand, a  nuisance, a bothersome if we violate one’s privacy or cause harm than good.


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