{January 30, 2013}   My Butterfly Kisses..

butterfly kisses

How time flies. Seems just a couple of blinks with time and you’ll find yourself amazed by the changes especially with your bundles of joy. It’s not that I overlooked nor passed by the every stages they’ve gone through, it’s just the realization that “they are not actually” the same babies, helpless but rather independent ( for the basics of what their totality can do), teenagers, except for my youngest, whom I am always thankful, being in grade school, meaning, about a couple more years before the teen spirit. As my teenagers glide and soar way up to their world, we still have the “baby” so-to-speak, in our home sweet home. Now I have fully understand, why after years of trying (then) to have another one after the second, almost gave up, came the seventh year of waiting and God has fully given us the third and the last cast for our home, now blessed with three inspirations. Two lads and an only lass.

I remembered the time when I found out being successfully pregnant again, I said to myself “this is my baby girl” without any doubt. I prayed and asked Him to give me just one princess. As much as possible, and let it be the baby I was having then. Overjoyed, when from an ultrasound, did we knew that, indeed, the dainty pinkies “little somethings” we bought within the past months would absolutely and definitely for a “she”!

Years after, here I am. Onto a new feeling, experience, tension, as she will have her first JS Prom – as a junior. I had a different height of experience years ago, when by eldest had his first JS down to the last year of Junior- Senior Prom. Picking out a tuxedo and a new black leather shoes (as his black leather school shoes, according to him, was way far to match with a tux) then that was it. Seeing him for the first time in a tux… I felt ….. joy with tears. I took all my emotions into my buddy journal, so when his dad, [[who wasn’t able to see him off to the Senior Prom, due to a flight schedule ]], comes home, I won’t burst into tears while telling the details and all, how he went—> and yahh…. for the simple reason that he will just laugh at me, “why the tears??? “, though he has known me from the very beginning of our lives, of how strong, tough & composed I am [ just to realize that and it would only take our kids to weigh me down …yes…. My greatest “waterloo’s”] —->> was pretty much overrated. And yes, I admit, when it comes to my kids, I easily shed teardrops even for the simplest reason, would mean a milestone. Can you imagine? As a psychologist, I am aware of it, but I know for the fact too that it is not a disorder, hold it….. just goes along with being mom. And I know for the fact that it differs ofcourse, with every moms in this world ->> so there’s no judging ehhh..~~

Moving on to my new endeavor as a Mom of young girl soon-to-be having her Senior Prom. My only princess but is an equivalent of a lot….. . She’s very sweet and very caring of me, as well as her brothers and dad. A daddy’s girl but a mom’s daughter too…. Hehe… We try as much as not to give them that “tag” so no tag treatment too, but you know what I mean, you get this feeling: that a first born, the eldest is… well… “a big thing” ( with all the ‘first-times’ our lives ) , an “only child, son or daughter is “onething, being the youngest is something. AND I’m not saying that the middle children are no significance…. NOPE.NO. NEVER. They are the bridge/s, conscience…so they are actually the everything. In the true sense, birth order “may” play roles of how they are in the family bec. parental skills may be stereotyped by what each birth order is , BUT not necessarily mean an absolute pattern/s or inevitable. As I’ve mentioned from a previous post, “what and how they become, has a lot to do with how we were to them as they face life, as they grow up”. Let us not forget that one main important truth.

Okay, moving forward, again. So from the search of a gown, which by the way, their theme is “Latin” having black and white as the mottiff, is giving me and my daughter a way way hard time. Mostly “the princess type” gowns are available, or for Red Carpet thing…. My gush! I have no intention of overdoing the event, though a special one, it should above all, more of elegance and appropriateness and above all, what my baby girl wants it to be. She is simple but into details (the genes she is carrying……) From the gown, comes the shoes, the jewelries – not a problem. We mostly prefer what we have in our little box. Less is still more & best. The bag or shall I say the sling pouch is what she considers, reasonable for her convenience where she’ll put the “so can’t live without” things in her life : her hello kitty lip balm and color, hanky and…drumroll pls….. The cellphone! where the camera, oh the camera! is everything.

I will be doing her make up and hair style with the help of my bestfriend. Again, avoiding an overdo. For what to exactly happen on that day, is ofcourse beyond our knowing. I just certainly pray, it will be filled with great memories she’ll treasure in her memory chest. We, parents have a vivid memory when it comes to the < To make her happy.

I am a mother so blessed to still be alive and well to be able to see my daughter in that Latin inspired couture, with the fairly enough for her age stilettos, the studs to complement her comeliness. She is beautiful in everyway and ALWAYS…..

my baby girl… FOREVER…. my Butterfly Kisses…💓💓💓


Another heart-warming post. I’m really proud of you. Hope you keep on writing that I will never get tired reading of. I’m so blessed to have you. 💌

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