{January 26, 2013}   what music does to me

music plays a big role since I was in grade school.  Books and music are the two buddies I have always tagged along in my life since, well… yeah I was the type whom you will see in the library than in school campus hang out corner bombarded by a walkman ( well…during those years that was the version of “beats” yeah!hehe ) Initially, that was how my parents, esp. my father raised us, me being the eldest- a lot was expected.  While I was beating all odds just to be a good daughter, music was the one I have relied on to express all else —> my deepest emotions, I guess, in my behalf. Bailed me out from talking back at my parents’ “ incomprehensible “ rules, decisions during my younger years (of course now that I am an adult and a parent, I came to understand and how was I thankful I followed them—had I not and insisted what I want based on what my surroundings influenced me with, I would not garnered what I had and anchored me  where I am now).  So moving on, in every stages of life, from elementary, to high-school college, post-grad, work – career, marriage, parenthood, personhood——> none was there a time I have let music skipped my life.

At my age now,  I realized, how in demand music can be.   Tremendously, is now  a part of my existence, just like the air I breathe. It alleviates every tensed muscles or about to explode nerves, shooting up to soprano vocal cords and in all reasons a person may not serve me well nor pacify me incase I go ballistic! (seldom, very seldom does it occur).   It seems like music washes (more oftentimes ) the emerging negativities and repel the “near strike moment” or cools down the “ at the moment melt down”. It  works like magic. I guess, at times, my kids or my husband or the four of them (I’m pretty sure)  just smile while I do my concert in the kitchen or while on my work desk while  puzzled that seconds ago, they would perceive me as disappointed or in bad mood, then in another, there I go, as the cooking utensils or fingers working on my mac or checking kids’ days’ lessons, finding sme singing my bad moods away.

Gadgets for that purpose has always been a consideration.  Whatever can give justice to my passion , has always been patronised in a flash. Can you imagine how many walk-mans (due its relentless upgrading only to find apple to serve my best best interest….) But, that’s life of a music fanatic, what can I say?

My appreciation for music varies from classical, jazz, r&b , rock or heavy metal. (I am one of the die-hard “Jon Bon Jovi” aaaahhhhhhhh!!!!! fan (not too obvious huh…) then, now and forever and ever OMG!

How can music then possibly get lesser as I grow older??? I guess not. Thus, better and best.  My husband and my kids are all into music loving, no matter the generation gap, as they say.  Music sticks along with the memories of all the times of our lives more than the digital pictures we have kept and continuously saving to iCloud using  all the  techno gadgets just to save the best  seconds. Like a movie- dull if no theme song. We remember a movie by its soundtrack /theme song  and I guess vice-versa.   Music indeed is the “all around, no prescription , nor over the counter but over the net via iTunes”  prescription to a cool, relaxed or better self.  As I’ve mentioned before, when time comes we have done or almost fully done with our mission/task as parents to  the children God blessed us with, (and If Alzheimer’s or amnesia won’t sabotage my prediction and expectations 😉 my husband and I, old and grey, reminiscing, all accounts of our love and life to the beat of our favourite and imprinted songs of our lifetime.

With this,

I  say  or  sing…..
Thank you for the music, the songs I’m singing
Thanks for all the joy they’re bringing
Who can live without it, I ask in all honesty
What would life be?
Without a song or a dance what are we?
So I say….

Thank you for the M U S I C
For giving it to me …..…..yeah!;-)


et cetera
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