{January 24, 2013}   Hugs, Kisses and Cuddles while it last
posted by my baby using a magic tape - on our bedroom wall.

posted by my baby using a magic tape – on our bedroom wall.

I Woke up with my baby boy beside me (the youngest). It is a weekend, so it’s as good as an opportunity  to sleep with mom and since dad’s work schedule is at night. It always feels so good waking up with all of them or any of them beside me. It has been a long time since they were babies. Those times wherein a must  to stay near me, awake and asleep. Every hugs and kisses are  sure fire tools in erasing away every bit of negative feelings.

And so, we tickled and cuddled. Things I wish my kids will never outgrow from nor get over with. I guess every parents wish huh? Time will slowly take their time away from me. As it happens, I wish they still will still find comfort  when they hug, kiss or cuddle with mom. I don’t know if it’s too much to ask…. or it is! whoa! you may be smiling now and wanting to blurt out the “drama queen” cue. I can’t blame anyone for what feelings may arise. We have different backgrounds and inevitably parenting styles. But no matter what it could be, we all would like to freeze time, so they won’t grow up.  Would want time machine to have them as babies again, when all they want ( okay… they want dad too 🙂 ) is mom, mom, mom…. They are simply slipping through our finger ( as the song goes by Abba and Mama Mia – that song always brings tears in my eyes. gush!).

My kids will be staying in the  home we built for them  for as long as we are providing them the basics and…….. yeah,  include the “beyond the basics” of life. In a blink,  they’re on their own, finding their true spots under the sun. And for dad and mom, back to the drawing board like where we started – the two of us. The only difference is that we have more achievements and accomplishments as couples, as husband and wife, as parents and as individuals.  The history will keep on repeating, seeing yourself as you see your kids. When that time comes, wouldn’t it be nice to reminisce with good memories?  That’s the bottom line.  I want to make the very best of having them near  me, in every possible ways. I want to take the warmth of their embrace and crisp from their kisses in my memory so I can have them re-lived by the time that memories are all I have, we have.

While I am at the verge of “raising them”, amidst the mixed of all the emotions one can possibly feel, I would like to take all those things and be a part of their every developments, every “ fall downs”, every “try and try’s”, with every tears they will shed, every “every’s” along with the  hugs, kisses, cuddling, calling out “mom”, “mom”, “mom” (no matter how irritating at times esp. when they do it all at the same time). With all my heart,  I wouldn’t trade any of those  for anything  at all.  All the people and things I  tend be so busy about these days, will all someday scram, expire, kaboom! gone!, but those times, in those moments will always remain inside my  jewelry chest of love & memories.

So….. as I end this, may I say that: it doesn’t need an occasion for our kids or even for  us to say “I Love you”, I miss you, give kisses and hugs and cuddle more often, tickles too maybe?…. The opportunity comes along with the package God has given us, all you can have buffet, when we are blessed with kids and be parents.  Why not have the best of it as much as we could?…..

Savour, savour, savour  it while it  last ……………….…..and  it will……


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Those are the things I want, wish and hope. Same goes for my kids for now, since they are not that grown up yet, I’m pretty sure, they still want those “mom-kids” stuff as they grew up with it. My hopes will get intense (;-) ) maybe…. when they are grown up already and out of sight … wish, wish, wish (thanks emotionless brain)

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