{January 22, 2013}   I hope to be that light, all aglow….

I have been inclined into writing way back my elementary years. My parents have introduced me and my siblings the value of reading : newspapers/ books, looking up every new words encountered in the dictionary  then followed by the  writing of the “journal thing” which became a habit, then a hobby and now a passion.  Then the  blogging came. It was inspired the more  due to my profession as a preschool teacher. I found out that it would best serve the interest of each of my students to have a continuous interaction/ communication with me not just during school days but as well as during  non-school days such weekends, holidays , suspension of classes etc. Not to inconsiderately throw tons of illogical tasks that I know parents will shoulder bec. they would prefer their kids to rest ( who would have not thought of that being a parent too?) It would be for those students of mine who are in  need of additional time, their parents  too busy to follow them up. Most parents found it as a blessing since it really helped their kids, with all the reinforcements  I uploaded depending on what their needs, provided sites they can visit to learn and play with games beneficial to their learning development at the same time having fun than the indulging to  war-violent-nonsensical games.On the other hand,  there were some who ignored for the reason I just chose to ignore too- they don’t have time. Oh well. Then,  I included pictures from every  activities in school,  art works, just about any output they themselves made. I was happy with the way  parents valued it and until now, though their kids, no longer my students, I constantly try to still be in touch with them and at times, provide materials they need for their lessons. Honestly no problem at all.  It just made me so happy and fulfilled at the same time, tracking the progress of the kids since their very first formal learning started with me (nursery level). Learned reading, writing, discovered talents,  made my classroom as truly their second home & me as their second mom.

But sadly, there were really  people in this world who refused to learn, nor aspire for better changes, stagnant in other words.  People whom threatened so much when the attention of the world started  to shift from them to other human beings and happened to have  contrasting objectives as theirs.  Envy, indeed swallows a person  in its totality in spite of the education. Making professionalism slide down the drain.  Pathetic.  Hard work and dedication are taboos. Enough to have me replaced without a single advise, replaced.  Fine. That’s life. I thought, that would give me the chance  to work from my home, rest  for sometime and spend more time with my own kids/family.

BUT, this isn’t about sour-graping. Please, a big no. I have dealt with inequalities, troubles and the realities objectively,  on my own pace & self soothed. The purpose of this post? Well, I had the ability to talk about it now, after a long silence, as in the absence of tackling the matter has been that huge. (That is how I cope, in total Silence ,indeed).  This is the very first time I felt the comfort and easiness to talk about it. Meaning, I  am ready now to once again, give myself the chance to do what I love most. And though not in front of a class, still the very thought  of  interacting once again, utilising my capabilities —> are not small things  but  immense for me. Doing what you love most, what gives self-fulfilment is something I no longer forbid myself.  I am the more inspired, when my eldest child, begun considering writing  and opted to blog too at last.  I have been encouraging my kids to write even for the “journal” purposes. Gladly, my eldest child, blessed with the talent to write stories ( on his third already) yet, became ready to let his work come out just recently.  If I have given him an inspiration somehow,  he, on the other hand, showed me the reason to write again,  express and  get over the suppress.  For the countless words and thoughts and reasons I have poured in this post,  I’d like to thank my son for reminding me of  what   I have set aside; And showed  me more  by witnessing his passion in progress.

Thank you baby !  We connect more in this matter more than the umbilical thing…. hehe… I am so proud of you.  As you inspire me to write again, I hope  I can be that light,  all aglow , while you process and create stupendous works of art. You’ll find me …..

“ I’ll be the greatest fan of your life. “


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