{July 28, 2012}   SERENDIPITY

If it's for you, then it is, if not, it's never meant to be…..so don't push it…. Divert;-)

YES. I really do. I have done a lot of efforts, a lot of "try again's" in my life, as a living witness of life, I came to finally really proven that everything is bound by fate. Everything happens for a reason. A reason for everything, all we need to do is to acknowledge it, treat it as not just an occurence but a bits & pieces of puzzles that gives you a preview of what is for you and maybe what's not for you as if saving you for wasting your repetitious efforts, and yet after the all the try and try again if you don't succeed, you'll find out that while the rest around you moved on, you are left stuck with your try and try blues.

Later in life, you will remember a moment and then realize that, " that's why ….." but if we ponder on every situation, we can pepare for it, or make better choices, and then have another option by the very instance given to you.

I have tried to break this "fate" thing believing that we are the driver of our life. But i stand corrected for 39 years of my existence. As i recalled my life, i came to realized, that behind the everyday situations may it be bad or good, it happens for a reason. Fate made me and my husband meet out of unexpected moment- the least you expect it. And so I just clipped occurence after the other and the other i will come to a picture that " that situation is for this outcome and so on….had i known…i won't waste time or chose another way or moved on." Reaching life at this age, where i am now, what i have, who i am with, what i do- not what exactly i planned and have prepared my life for when I was younger. But close to what I i planned, only editted or as if editted, bec. this is what I am suppose to have inspite & despite of. Some facts in my life are questionable to me- i feel this isn't what I prepared for in my early life ( studied hard & graduated wth flying colors, ended with a managerial position on my very 1st job, acquiring advanced educ.) though a big part of life is indeed the CHOICES WE MAKE, but still i found my "driving skills" lead to a place though close enough to what i planned or prepared for, certainly I realized It wasn't meant to be that and have that. Argghhhhh!!!! Very diffcult to really explain but I hope somehow, I am able to express my thoughts clearly enough not for the purpose of telling you I am right about FATE or you are wrong about it, but FOR ME…… These are what I have to define my Faith in Fate ;-)I have my life, and my family's, friends', acquaintances' life to look everyday and see the reasons why ….

Like this…. It's fate that I am writing this to reach out for something or to someone…. I do not exactly know for this exact moment, but Im sure, Im writing this, pouring out my heart's content for a reason, serendipity out of the blue…. Out of Fate.

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