{June 11, 2012}   I’m glad this video has finally opened the awareness of “umami” taste et al.

I have been wishing for a video as reliable as this one, to finally tackle the fifth taste – the Umami, which is acknowledged already and being discussed naturally, without a “What? Uma…what?”. Bec. of the unfamiliarity or shall I say, “ignorance” and stubbornness with laziness , it was neglected the five senses esp. when it comes to the tongue part is discussed. That no matter how often I reminded them to update the information or details

[since the book that we used that time has no topic even a glimpse of update due to the “obsolete” or “outdatedness” of not just the Science book but almost all books that were used for two years.
Well, deception is a dead ringer of their being]

Well, anyway, I found the ‘credible-enough’ video, plus a whole lot , lot of information very helpful since we use it on a daily basis.

This would take much of your viewing time, but it is worth it after all, believe me. So sit back, call your kids and watch it with them.


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