{June 7, 2012}   Summer 2012 Collection from my favorite Chanel

Summer 2012 Collection from my favorite Chanel.

It may be a bit expensive than the other brands, but I’m telling you (as well as the others who have used and still using this brand, that it is all worth the buy. It stays longer, looks really elegant (it’s Chanel. and if it’s Chanel—> you  pay not only for the “name ” but the “quality” and “satisfactory feeling” when using it). I have been trying for many times, to change and try other lines. But can’t get a step to do it..hehehe…. I guess, bec if I change one thing from what I use, I need to change the perfume (which I simply cannot—so totally unable no matter what…. been a chanel no.5 fanatic for yearssss) etc.

But to top it all, chanel really is a best buy, best quality. Im sure once you’ve tried, you will try no other brand and stick to it.


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