{April 7, 2012}   A New Start…Again…

I decided to export all my previous insights to a safe place where I can continue writing as if it is a diary… Inappropriate already to be shared in here, since it doesn’t match the theme I created for Learning. And so, as I re-evaluated my stand on learning and education, I decided to get on the track again, and start working on my blog to create a special link for my students, their parents, colleagues and others who may want to share, express, inform anything for the benefit of Learning, Teaching and Growing.

I won’t mind being discouraged by people who think high of  themselves but perceived ridiculously “incapable and/or incompetent”by  mostly people surrounding them,  yet so proud, pretending all-knowing but as clear as the summer sky- do their “emptiness”  out stand.

As long as there are parents requesting for me, who trust me and continuously entrusting their kids to me (though their have gone to a higher level), as long as those kids want me, look for me, love me as if I am still their teacher, and other people, friends who respect, appreciate my dedication to this work I called “my passion”…. I won’t  allow them to rejoice at the expense of putting me down, where in fact, it shld. be them… but what can we do? sometimes an established mighty and high tower, is as weak as an ordinary room made of  ordinary hollow blocks  wherein, it never get better, higher nor stronger bec. its FOUNDATION is not only inadequate of  knowledge (where in it goes where the flow is….tsktsktsk) and the foundation remains weak simply bec. of  inability to  see the TRUTH,the REAL SCORE, and the FACADE  that continuously blind its system”  .

Through this, we can voice it out to those concern and may they hear it or not, the power of self-expression is a big armor to fight the idiosyncracy , incompetence, unwillingness, narrow-mindedness et al.  To express one’s self is learning. Learning of your own strength, your own side of the story or issue, learning that things can be learned, can be taught, and be a reason for growth IF : you acknowldge other’s ability, accept your weakness and willingness to change, listen and compensate for your short-comings….

This is awesome…exciting….

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